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LORI.biz is the think tank for female entrepreneurship. Our content-rich media output, vast network of contacts, and noteworthy events bring our users to the core of an influential community working together on an inspiring mission: to empower female entrepreneurs.

LORI.biz’s mission is to get women to consider entrepreneurship as a career path and support them on their entrepreneurial journey through its online media, events and incubator: LORI hub.



We produce outstanding events that foster, stimulate, and enhance entrepreneurship amongst women as well as men. Always in the spirit of reciprocity and conviviality – and a good cocktail always helps! – our breakfast meetings, networking soirées, seminars, and workshops offer each participant the resources they need to make their project succeed.

Interested in partnering with us? Our events will allow your ideas to bloom by marrying our know-how to your needs. Get in touch with us!



Want to reach a huge community of like-minded entrepreneurs? You’ve come to the right place!

What our media expertise can offer you:

  • Native journalism – A well-researched article centering around you and your message. Tailor-made to your image and in accordance with our highly specialized editorial direction, our interviews, photo spreads, special reports, and videos spotlight your activities and increase your brand’s visibility.
  • Banner advertisements on our website – Be seen by our vast community.
  • Banner and presence at LORI.biz events – Show your colours to an engaged network of guests.
  • ‘Give to Receive’ contest – A way to get noticed through our website and social media platforms.

Reach out to us at info@lori.biz – we would love to hear from you!


Arielle Beaudin LORI.biz
Arielle Beaudin

President and Co-Founder

Passionate about entrepreneurship, the Montreal startup ecosystem and public relations. Discoverer, doer and creative problem solver.

Curious fact: I need chocolate first thing when I wake up.
Stéphane Atanga

Vice-president and Co-Founder

Citizen of the world who is interested in new ideas and entrepreneurship in developing countries. Believer in the bright future of female entrepreneurship.

Curious fact: I always travel alone.
Blanca Mancilla

Web developer

Curious like the cat, looking for the why-of-things like the kid, constant learner. Passionate about spreading the word, democratizing knowledge. Interested in women’s issues, minorities in tech, geek by trade.

Curious fact: I have a 3-dan black belt in TaeKwonDo and my husband feels safe walking with me in the dark alleys.
Amélie Picquette


Artist. Creative entrepreneur. Loves to photograph people in the studio, in natural lighting, at work and at events. Inspired by people’s different life paths, experiences, personalities and careers.

Curious fact: Every morning I drink the same green juice mix: lemon, kale, pineapple, green apple and water.