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Launch of the University Challenge Leverage Your Idea

Fondation Montréal Inc., in collaboration with Montréal-based Universities, is organizing the second edition of the University Challenge Leverage Your Idea presented by the National Bank.

The challenge was established to ignite a passion towards entrepreneurship within our university communities, to stimulate friendly competition between universities and to strengthen the relationship between students and the business community.

“We are witnessing a tremendous blooming of entrepreneurial ideas in Montréal. This contest is thus a wonderful opportunity to introduce students to the essential skills needed for getting a startup off the ground” said Geneviève Grandbois, the Ambassadress for this year’s University Challenge and founder of Geneviève Grandbois Chocolates.

Until October 30, students, foreign students and university graduates, aged between 18 and 35 years, are invited to submit their business ideas online at  www.leveragebusinessidea.com.

The finalists will be announced during an immersive 24-hour bootcamp, which will provide all participants the chance to experience being a collaborator in an entrepreneurial team, to benefit from expert-level advice from the Montréal business community and to develop their ideas with the help of My Business ModelTM developed by the National Bank.

Following the last edition of the University Challenge, eight of the ten selected finalists have since launched their own startup. Two of these startups obtained grants from Fondation Montréal Inc.

The University Challenge Leverage Your Idea is presented by the National Bank. The challenge was also made possible thanks to our collaborations with: Centech ETS; Centre d’entrepreneuriat ESG UQAM; McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship, Desautels Faculty of Management (McGill); Pôle entrepreneuriat repreneuriat et familles en affaires (HEC); Centre d’entrepreneuriat Poly-UdeM; Junior Consulting Confederation JC3: CCGP from Poly, CCM from HEC, JED Consulting McGill. Our Professional Service Partners are:  EY, Norton Rose Fulbright and La Gare.  Our Media Partner is Groupe TVA – Journal de Montréal.

Fondation Montréal inc.
Fondation Montréal inc. invests in the creation, expansion and ongoing support of promising businesses that contribute to the economic development of Montréal. Since 1996, the Fondation has awarded more than $7 million in grants to help start 902 businesses in Montréal, which have created more than 2930 jobs. The Fondation has contributed to investments of over $61 million in Montréal.www.montrealinc.ca/en

For more information, please contact:
Valérie Danger, Director of Communications at Fondation Montréal Inc.
vdanger@montrealinc.ca | 514-872-5768

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