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5 Effective Strategies to Attract Clients

Some business development activities like are very popular but what you are not told when you go to a networking event with the hope to get a client is that it takes lots of time, persistence and patience to get results. This article provides you with 5 strategies to get clients. Disclosure: These methods won’t get you clients quickly and they will require consistency but on the long term, you’ll get to attract clients like a magnet.

1. Networking – A fantastic way to build a list of interested people. The real secret with networking is that you need to give and take and furthermore, you need to give and give and not to count what you get back because down the road you will be given back if you are both generous and prudent in your giving. Like Gary Vaynerchuk would say, you need to give, give, give, give…ask.

2. Content Marketing – You can be all over the internet overnight. Your expert status can be boosted very quickly when you submit articles to different articles directories. The only problem with that is that: it takes a lot of time for your prospects to find you accidentally on the internet when they search for a solution to their problems and not all of them will click on your link and become interested. This requires patience and perseverance and over time it will bring great results. Make sure to publish your articles on social media, especially on Linkedin to show what your expertise is and engage with your community.

3. eBook or Product –Creating an e-book whether it’s free or not is a way to also attract clients and gain credibility. This will require you to step up your marketing game by promoting it effectively but once it’s in hands of your potential customers, they are one step closer to doing business with you. Also, do not be afraid to give a lot of information for free, some people are afraid that the customers will end up doing the job with no help but that’s not true, you’re simply educating your potential customers for them to understand how you can contribute to the solution.

4. Newsletter – This is also a magnificent strategy to get business over time. You just need to have a good way to bring in new subscribers to your website and have them subscribe to your newsletter. To get people to subscribe, you might want to consider giving a freebie like the above e-book or a checklist – it must be valuable content. This process has proven to turn subscribers over time into clients. Over time is between 10-15 newsletters and years of being on your newsletter list. So, your success with newsletters depends on two things: how many subscribers you attract and what content you provide.

5. Joint Ventures – A great way to get new business is to make a joint venture with someone who works on the same market but has a different solution to a different problem that your target market has. You can promote each other to each other’s lists, and get an affiliate commission on everything that you help the other person sell (program, product, one-on-one consultations).

As mentioned above, the strategies suggested take time but I tried 4 out of 5 so far and they have worked. My favorite one has to be content marketing, it takes a lot of time but once you content is online, it’ there to stay and it’s worth it on the long term. Every potential client will google you before doing business with you, what would you like them to see when they search you?

If you need help figuring out what would work best for you or how to create enough content on a short-term period, do not hesitate to reach out to me on Linkedin!

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