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 LORI /LOH-ree/ abbriviation
Ladies of Real Influence

1. The Central Part of a Wheel or Propeller.
2. A center of activity or interest; a focal point.


LORIHUB_LOGO_OUTLINESAfter having spent close to two years sharing content and organizing events, LORI.biz now offers women entrepreneurs a creative space in which they are able to work, meet, collaborate and grow their respective businesses.
LORI hub is not only a visually stimulating environment for its occupants; it has also partnered up with other local entrepreneurship-centered organizations, to ensure its tenants’ success by offering business development services. In addition to offering its occupants a place to work, the space provides an intimate, cohesive environment in which women will feel comfortable exchanging ideas, tips, and resources in order to contribute to one another’s prosperity.

We need to level the existing  gender gap in the entrepreneurial field so that as a society we will benefit from a largely untapped resource - female entrepreneurs. We strongly believe in the power of Collaboration, Community,  Co-development and an approach based on peer-to-peer activities!


LORI.biz is a female entrepreneurship platform dedicated to the promotion of women-owned businesses and initiatives. LORI.biz is the think tank for female entrepreneurship. Its content-rich media output, vast network of contacts, and noteworthy events bring its users to the core of an influential community working together on an inspiring mission: to empower female entrepreneurs. Created by two aspiring entrepreneurs, LORI.biz was initially solely meant to be yet another business blog meant to inspire women to “lean in”.  However, by consistently creating and sharing quality content as well as organizing local events, LORI.biz has become a successful reference for female entrepreneurship in Montreal, and has developed an international audience of both like-minded women and men; looking to share their stories and to connect existing and aspiring entrepreneurs.


"Entrepreneurship Doesn't Need to be a Lonely Journey."

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